Foundation Problems? Pride Foundation Repair is here to help!

We are ready to help you!

These problems have been an issue to homeowners for years.  Help is only a phone call away – so don’t worry.  Pride Foundation Repair has been helping homeowners solve their foundation repair, crawl space and basement waterproofing problems since 2010 and we are one of the most respected waterproofing and foundation repair companies on the Vancouver Island.  Our service area spans from Victoria  to Campbell River.  Our many references and testimonials speak to the level of service that we provide.  We typically offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser and 25 year transferable warranties (at no cost).

We offer many services, including:

•    Basement Waterproofing
•    Crawl Space Repair
•    Crawl Space Encapsulation
•    Structural Repair

We know that when you invest in repairs for your foundation or basement that it is hard to see where the benefit is. However, your foundation supports the rest of the house. If your foundation or crawl space fails, then the rest of your home fails too. Investing in your foundation actually increases the value of your home – even more than a kitchen remodel. It is the best investment that a homeowner can make.

Think of the benefits.

You can use your basement without worrying the walls are going to cave in or that you are going to come home to standing water destroying your property. You can even convert your basement to a finished area.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a game room in the basement where you could send the kids to play when they get unruly?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a workout room or a place to entertain guests?  You can!

There are many possibilities for a finished basement:

•    Storage
•    Theater
•    Playroom
•    Bar
•    Workout Room
•    Extra Bedroom

When you call Pride Foundation Repair we will come out to your home and assess the situation – whether it is a small crack in your foundation, a humidity problem leading to mold, or a constantly flooded basement, we will figure out the systems that you need to make your basement as safe and dry as the rest of your house. We will never try to sell you a system that you don’t need. We’ll give you the suggestions that will make your basement useful and dry.

Help is one phone call away. Pride Foundation Repair today and set up a free inspection and estimate for repairs. We serve Vancouver Island from Victoria to Campbell River and everywhere in between.


Need an Accountant In Nanaimo, BC?

M Graham & Associates Inc. is an established accounting firm in Nanaimo, BC.  We work hard to meet the needs of our clients. We strive at delivering outstanding customer service, we can help you with all of your tax and accounting needs at our downtown location.  Remember also that we are here for our clients who are take care of the moment that they walk in the door.

We Stand Out From The Rest

We will work hard for you making us stand out from your competition. Our accounting services are second to none, which we are truly proud of.  If you want to find out ways to reduce costs, enhance profitability and increase efficiency, we are the right company for you.  Your tax position will improve and your tax savings will be enhanced when you work with us. We also work hard to keep on top of all of the changes that CRA makes. We love saving you money and have your best interests at heart.

We Understand Your Business

We have a great team of specialists who also understand every aspect of your organization giving you the insights you need to stay ahead of the pack. Our staff will work hard to help you achieve your personal and business goals too. We are able to solve a wide array of business problems for our clients by listening to their needs and giving them the answers they need ending in the best possible outcome. You can always welcome to call us for a free quote.
We can give you what you need so you can stand out from the pack. You will have an edge when it comes to making the right business decisions faster, and this will give you the peace of mind that you have been seeking for a long time. So what are you just waiting for? Call us right now you won’t be disappointed.

For more information visit our website by searching Accountant Nanaimo in Google.

Things to Expect From a Good locksmith company in Vancouver BC

Locksmith services are part of a office and also home maintenance, as safety and security are the most vital needs of human beings. The fact remains that you need locks for every place- your homes, cupboards, offices, lockers and cars. Therefore, it is essential to find a locksmith company in Vancouver BC to cater to your needs. The following are the most essential things that should be expected from a competent company:

locksmith Vancouver


The most essential thing that should be expected from good locksmith company in Vancouver BC is the quality. Either it’s about the client satisfaction or about the service, a proficient company is which that provides the best as one cannot compromise with the safety at any limit cost. A locksmith who is delivered by company must be skilled and experienced in his job. Additionally, he must be well-informed with latest a technology that is used by modern lock systems.

locksmith Langley

Affordability is one of the most essential to expect from the locksmith company in Vancouver BC, as one would not like to spend a lot amount of cash on a lock system, although it’s a essential thing. One can refer a number of locking companies, from websites or from friends and also from the acquaintances. Generally, locksmith companies provide their company quotes and no consultation fees. One can also discuss the requirements through phone and also relate prices for one to pick the affordable company.


locking system are required for a range of purposes, from the office to home ,cars and cabinets. It’s important to look for the locksmiths company in Vancouver BC, that insurance all these places. A good company would make sure, they have a group of qualified locksmiths who can provide to varied requirements of the customers, for either place they need a locking system to be installed or either replaced, This would give one the advantage of having a union of friendliness and also trust with the company.

locksmith Surrey


Another thing that one should expect from the locksmith company in Vancouver BC is that the professional locksmiths must be skilled and well informed about different locking systems and also the latest techniques and advancements in the field.

Emergency Services

Another important thing which is expected from the locksmith company in Vancouver BC is its willingness to provide emergency services, as your safety is not something which you can linger on for the future. A locking system is a part of office of home o, which needs to be repaired or replaced immediately if any issue arises in it. Some companies may charge a higher price for providing services during emergency hours, but it is something you cannot afford to compromise with.



Things That You Should Know About A Locksmith Service

Have you ever seen a locksmith rescuing people from the difficult and emergency situation? If yes, then you will already be aware of the efficient and fast services that a professional locksmith offers to the people who are stuck up in the road or outside of their homes. The 24 hour emergency services that they offer permits them to reach to the people anytime, anyplace, when they are stuck up in difficult situations such as accidents, locked car, or broken key extraction.

In case if you are not aware of the emergency locksmith services, then you are at the right place because we are now about to discuss the important times when you might need to call a reliable locksmith services urgently.

1. Helping people at the accident spots 

If there is an accident on the road and there is a rescue operation going on, then it might not be completed without the help of a professional locksmith. If a vehicle is damaged badly after the accident and the people are inside it, then they are needed to be taken out quickly. If the doors of the vehicle are damaged, then a professional locksmith can do the job at that moment and that is where you will need the emergency services of a professional locksmith.

2. Ensuring the safety of your assets 

There are the important assets such as your home and expensive car that you must need to protect from the opportunistic thieves and burglars. You can also replace your door lock before you are going for a family vacation for your peace of mind. If you have recently been shifted to a new home, then it is necessary for you to replace the existing locks with the new ones.

3. Lockouts 

People often forget the home keys or car keys and when they look inside through their home or car windows, then they find their lost keys inside. But at that time, it might be too late and you might be feeling helpless at that time unless a professional locksmith arrives to rescue you.

4. Missing keys 

If you often miss your important keys somewhere and it has become a habit, then you better save the number of a locksmith that can offer you the emergency locksmith services anytime you need. However, it is also advised to duplicate your important keys and place them somewhere you can remember easily.

Locksmith Maple Ridge

5. Malfunctioning of the security systems 

The locks can be jammed by the vandalism or the weather. There might be a possibility that your drawers and doors refuse to open right when you need. That can seriously hurt you sometimes, when you are in a hurry and you are unable to open the doors or drawer. Don’t worry as the 24 hour emergency locksmith service can do the job in such situations.

So, you have to admit the importance of a reliable locksmith after reading all the above facts and if you want to avoid the inconvenient situations, then you must save the contact number of an emergency locksmith in your phone that is situated in your locality.

Vancouver locksmith

Professional Garage door repair Vancouver

Some people are capable of simple garage door servicing. However, not all are comfortable with more complicated jobs like fixing the opener and replacing the tracks. These usually require the assistance of a garage door repair professional in Vancouver.

garage door repair White Rock

A seasoned garage door repair professional has the requisite knowledge and training to get the job done quickly and accurately. He or she will also have the appropriate tools and safety equipment to efficiently conduct all tasks related to the repair. Garage door maintenance companies in Vancouver may also be able to provide you with certain benefits such as warranties. These are some benefits you’ll get when working with professional Garage door repair Vancouver.

1. Knowledge

Vancouver garage door professionals are trained to understand in-depth how each type of garage door works. They also know exactly how to troubleshoot various problems that may be wrong with a particular style or brand of door, and they are able to quickly assess which parts may need to be replaced.

2. Tools

Garage door repair requires specialized tools that may be too expensive for you to purchase for a one time job. These tools may be the only appropriate ones for a specific job, such as cutting heavy duty springs. Attempting to use inferior tools that are not built for this type of labor can compromise any repair and put you in possible danger.

3. Safety

Knowledgeable garage door repair companies Vancouver are aware of all the risks that a layperson may not know. Doors in the process of being fixed have been known to drop on people at random because of a bad spring or track. These doors can weigh up to 500 pounds, and these accidents have proven fatal in the past. This is why seasoned repairmen work in pairs or teams to prevent such tragic occurrences. They know where to hold the door while it is being serviced.

4. Guarantee

Repairs handled by Vancouver professional companies are typically guaranteed with a warranty for all labor and parts. This is not something that you can have if you conduct all of your own servicing. However, by hiring specialists, you are safeguarded against the possibility of any problems in the future in which repair may be needed again.

Surrey garage door repair

With all these reasons to ponder, why would you rather attempt this difficult and time-consuming job all by yourself? Why not spend a little money and have a consummate pro do what he or she does best? You are not only freeing up your time, but also investing in the safety and functionality of your home.

Vancouver garage door repair


Marriage Counseling Nanaimo

Individuals who are seeking for improved relationships with their partners are not lost anymore. Thanks to marriage counseling, a support system offered to people who are looking for guidance on ways to improve intimacy on their relationships.

Marriage counseling can be sought not only when a relationship is becoming bleak, but is also applicable for couples who will be soon tying the knot.

Among the approaches currently available in the market include:

· Imago Therapy, popularized by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. is a form of therapy wherein it explores how an individual unconsciously choose partners.

· Emotionally Focused Therapy encourages individuals to activate the innately adaptive potential of emotions to change unwanted emotional states. In couples’ parlance, it encourages partners to evaluate their communication and interaction between each other.

· Internal Family System Therapy involves recognizing that each individual has sub-personalities, and as individuals develop they must find balance and harmony within them. This often allows their partner to understand them more.

Marriage counseling in Nanaimo touches on various facets such as anxiety treatments, psychotherapy, depression treatments, and advice on how to build and maintain strong and rewarding relationships. The depth of counseling varies depending on the needs of an individual or couple. Other services even extend various setting such as private retreat, group practices, and counseling centers to ensure desired outcome. The expected results of the therapy and session will vary depending on the frequency and the goal set by the counselor and the couples/individual seeking for advice.

There are a handful of certified practitioners in marriage counseling in Nanaimo that promise a couple’s happily ever after. They are even reachable through your fingertips just like a fairy godmother to your rescue. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t want a happy ending?

Professional Web Design in Nanaimo, BC

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a staff member in a non-profit organization, you will realize the benefits of using a professional web design firm like in Nanaimo, BC.

A well-designed website attracts and keeps visitors browsing, reading, or shopping. Well-coordinated colours are pleasing to the eye. Mismatched photos, background, and header may make web visitors want to leave. If you have a website or planning to have one built, consider hiring one of the talented professional web designers. One can do so many things for you.

Web designers are both creative and technically inclined. They know what makes a website aesthetically appealing and functional at the same time. You may think that designing a website is easy, but it involves several aspects. A web designer considers the right colours based on what you do and your existing logos. For example, websites for professionals and religious organizations require classic colour schemes, but jewelry shops require an interesting colour palette.

The layout and font are other things they take care of. Headings and other texts should be easy to read. Your target market is considered when choosing a font size, too. When it comes to layout, web designers make sure that pages are easily accessible. Most people hate that they have to click several times to find the information they need.

Web designers can also help you choose and manipulate (e.g., resize and recolour) photos to suit your needs and goals. You may ask your web designer to use stock photos or edit your own photos if necessary. Each photo should be relevant to the website’s content.

Simply put, a web design company like not only designs but also takes care of the technical aspects of your web design at their office in Nanaimo. If you want to invest in a website, make it worthwhile by having it built by a skilled and experienced web designer.

Mobile Friendly Web Design designs responsive websites that resize from traditional desktop size right down to mobile device sizes. Making it easier for visitors to obtain crucial information about your business when they are just minutes away from stopping by.

Quickly and Easy access your businesses address, hours, and services while on the go. With the GPS navigation, they could be re-directed to your business in minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  If you would like us to create a design for your website, feel free to contact us  at 250-616-9800 to get your started.

Dentist in Nanaimo BC

Nanaimo is a city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Know form, among other things, its Chinatown, with mild climate and radiant streets like the spokes of a wagon wheel. But Nanaimo is much more But Nanaimo is much more. Did you know Nanaimo offers a public health unit which provides services to more than 95,000 people?. Within these services we find: Hearing, immunizations, child health, prenatal registration and Dental.

Since its entry in 1867 in the Confederation, Canada has changed in all fields, especially health and particularly in dentistry. In response to the increasing lack of control of the health sectors, several communities and groups have been founded with the aim of preserving and providing a staff prepared, standardized and with all the tools to offer a dignified and economically viable care. Without doubt, a model of legislation for other countries.

Dentistry is taken very seriously in Nanaimo. From Dental clinic in Highway North to Cedar Valley Dental Center in Cedar. The oral health focusing on prevention, especially in young children. Providing information and educating on the principals of tooth care through of a number of Public Health Units across island Health, in First Nations Communities and with community groups. Its best know services we have:

· Smiles First Program and Children´s Oral Health Initiative: consultation for at-risk pregnant women and parents with infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

· Dental Screening for Kindergarten Students.

· Professional Expertise: part of province wide survey every three years with targeted schools only screened in between.

· Support and Financial Assistance to give access to communities dental care.

In Canada, dentistry is a regulated profession. For one to become a licensed dentist in Canada they must posses a BDS/DDS/DMD degree & be certified by the NDEB. We speak of accredited and qualified experts. The good news is that the demand for high quality dentistry in Nanaimo will always be solved by an expert and dedicated group.  If you are looking for the best dental clinic in Nanaimo go to Google and search Avonlea dentist.



Pressure Washing Company in Nanaimo – Pressure Wash Contractor

It is very important to keep the exterior of your home clean. It prevents premature aging which reduces maintenance and saves you money. When you compare the relatively low price to the high cost of home repairs, it makes perfect since why home owners choose to have this type of work done on a scheduled basis.

There is a lot more to a pressure washing business than most people realize. Just because someone has a truck and power washer they bought from a home improvement store, does NOT qualify them as being a professional cleaning contractor. These individuals have completely ruined people’s deck, driveway and home.

Protection for your property is a good reason why hiring legitimate and experienced pressure washing company to handle your needs is a wise decision. Unlike the trade “jack-legs”, a real company like Extreme Pressure Washing has done countless hours of research and testing to make sure our methods are the safest and most effective.

Another plus is variety. Our cleaning service includes a wide selection of specialties that keep you from having to seek out multiple companies to do the work you want done.
Pressure Washing Services

Look below to see some of the most popular pressure washing services we offer to our customers:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • House Washing
  • Wood Deck Cleaning, Sealing & Staining
  •  Gutter Cleaning
  • Company Fleet Washing Service
  • Commercial Applications


Professional Service

At Extreme Pressure Washing, it’s our goal to provide complete customer satisfaction and convenience by offering various power washing services like deck cleaning and restoration, roof cleaning, house washing and other great services.

Whether you need someone to soft wash your roof, clean a deck or power wash your driveway and walkways, Extreme Pressure Washing is the right choice.

If you would like to get a cleaning evaluation and you’re a Nanaimo resident, visit our Nanaimo Service Area to see if your city is listed. If so, please proceed to our Estimates page and complete the form. We’ll contact you shortly to schedule an appointment.